Papa Dave's
Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

Papa Dave’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil hails from the Mediterranean Berber regions of North Africa. Papa Dave’s EVOO is manufactured from premium Chetoui olives harvested from the historic Rome region of Utique in Tunisia. Chetoui olives are known for their fruity taste and richness in antioxidant values such as polyphenols. The olives are cultivated in a pesticides-free environment in ancient olive groves and are then handpicked so as not to cause damage to the olives or the trees. These same pesticides free, ancient groves of the Mediterranean region are the reason why Tunisia is known as the first organic olive oil producer.
Papa Dave’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the purest oil extracted using the traditional artisan process of first cold press. With content rich in natural polyphenols / antioxidants, no preservatives, low in acidity and bursting with robust flavor, Papa Dave’s EVOO supports and promotes a healthy lifestyle and makes Papa Dave’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil the premier EVOO of choice.
Papa Dave’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a versatile staple and must-have for every kitchen. Choose Papa Dave’s to grill, bake, fry, sauté, drizzle, dip, marinate or mix and bring the flavor of the Mediterranean to every meal.