Our Story

Many years ago, a young man by the name of Cherif immigrated to the U.S. from the mountainous Berber regions of North Africa. Although he has made the U.S. his home for over 25 years now, he often finds himself craving his native cuisine. He misses the traditional tastes of the Mediterranean region. He misses the simple dishes his Mom made that were staples of North African culture. Dishes made from the most fresh, natural ingredients and bursting with flavor.

An avid foodie with a love for his native region, Cherif decided to bring the taste of the Mediterranean to the U.S. market. Papa Dave’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with its smooth and robust flavor and hardy aroma, reminds Cherif of his childhood and native home every time he opens a bottle. Papa Dave’s EVOO honors Cherif’s father-in-law which is why you find his photo and name on the label. Dave was Cherif’s mentor and would often travel with Cherif on business trips. The main priority of the trips was often food and where they would eat, and not necessarily the business at hand. Like Cherif, Dave was an avid foodie who not only valued flavorful, authentic food but the manner in which food brought families together around the dinner table.

We hope Papa Dave’s EVOO becomes a staple of your kitchen as your family gathers to cook, eat and enjoy quality family times together.